Two sons that pass in the night….

Its been sixteen months since I have returned to my homeland.  For no apparent reason, just life passing me by and day to day routine interrupting my love for going to Italy.  I know excuses, excuses!  I tell my sister all the time…be a doer not a sayer!!   I call it my homeland because when I see pictures of houses in their beautiful vibrant colors or the flower pots lingering over the terrese or bicycles in front of the entry door still warm from being rode through the town or to the market or the streets turning and twisting every which but always a different way out  I get homesick!!!!  Something in my heart yearns for my life to be there and it will be one day!   But for now I am raising five little ones.  I have older children too.  But I have to get these little ones established and then it will be my time to live my life after raising nine children! xxxxxxxxx

Nick works for an Italian company.  Can you say it fell into his lap and he is glowing and growing with this company. He deserved it and for this company to believe in his has changed his life! My oldest son Miles attends Temple University for computer engineering.  He decided a month ago to go to  Italy on Spring Break.  He is there as I am  writing  this.  The funny thing is I feel like I should be there.  Like it is their first time walking or something.  Nicks program was very organized.  Fly to Milan and get transportation to Varese for training, dinners every night and then back to USA!

Miles was Unplanned. As the week before he was sending out resumes for internships and finishing up mid-terms for his Junior semester.   He arrives in Milan. I receive a text that he is in a hotel lobby trying to access the internet.  He messages me ” is there any place in Rome that you can get wifi?” This is when I realize that his travel was definitely not organized. Hmmm I message him ” sit tight.”  So I get online and clik on skype and call up my best friend Gianluigi and Skype him. Poor GLC he is working and I the american  bother him.  I am like GLC is there any way that if Miles takes the train from Milan to Brescia that you could pick him up, help him get refreshed and organized?  He is like sure no problem.  Tell him I will be there at 6:30pm…Wow a sigh of relief from me…across the transatlantic!!!  Who in America would drop everything they were doing in five hours and take care of a complete stranger?  I have to say noone I know!!!!

I got back to messaging Miles. I give him the plan. Take Trenitalia from Milan to Brescia. Wait for Gianluigi. He says ” Great” and off he goes to explore Milan with the couple of hours he has left.

A few hours later I receive a photo message with Gianluigi and Miles and his girlfriend in the car.

They are safe and sound and I am super relieved…at least for the night.  After they went home GLC took them out to eat Pizza where I usually go to eat pizza with him.  I love the place it is small, quiant, locals fill the room, wine glasses filled endlessly and the hot, melted, pizzas everywhere…mmmm I want mine now!!!

I was happy to see that my son got to experience the native italy as I have grown to love.  NOt just the sights and historical buildings but the true way of life in Italy.  The next morning I received many photos of Miles and VIctoria.  He took them for espresso and brioche at my favorite place Bar Lume.  A great outside seating bar where you can see the view of Iseo.  In the backdrop are the mountains of other surrounding towns.  Afar is the Monte Isola~  LOVE.LOVE.LOVE!!

Then he drove them to catch the ferry over to Monte Isola.  A familiar ride I have enjoyed for over six years.  It is the way to get to his home in Monte Isola.  Just a short 9 minute ferry ride but you feel  like you are on an super ship…

They walked around the town and got to breath in the fresh air of Iseo.

It was a quick visit as Miles and Victoria were heading to Venice that day.  But Gian wanted them to see his town where he grew up.   I am so proud of Gianluigi for being a truly good  friend in my whole life.  No one I know would have done that for me on impulse.  For this reason it  brings me one step closer to my destination of paradise ~ Italy!  It is where I feel completely at home!

Both of my boys went to my fathers country within a day of each other and both had different experiences. Although Nicks experience was completely different then miles.  He came home with a newfound love for the country as well.  He is like how to do you make the coffee on the stove.  Which is moka aka bialetti.  I have used it everyday for the past six years.  It is the only way I drink my espresso.  He is like why don’t you use the machine to make espresso?  I am like “well  no one ever bought me one…Meh!”


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